Bachelorette Party Ideas for The Chill Bride

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If the thought of partying it up in stilettos on a four-day bender in Vegas makes you want to crawl under the covers, that doesn’t mean you have to skip having a bachelorette party.  The point of a bachelorette party is to gather your girls and say goodbye to being single. It doesn’t need to be a blowout, just a great chill day with you are your ladies.

1. A Camping

Spending a night or two in nature can bring some peace and quiet into a time of utter chaos. Camping doesn’t have to mean roughing it of course. Glamping or a rustic cottage, dressed in cozies all weekend might be the perfect fit.

2. Spa Day


Facials, pedicures, a rub down what could be bad? Hang out in robes and get your relaxing on!

3. Slumber Party

PJ’s, popcorn and a rom-com in the comfort of your own home or in the luxury of a suite at a fancy hotel could be a perfect evening of bonding and laughing.

4. Painting Party

Grab tons of colors and sparkly things from the Dollar Store and get creative. Vision boards and personalized gifts you can give each other are great projects.

5. Take A Cooking Class

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Taking a class together is an amazing way to spend a few hours together. Learn something new and make a great lunch out of all your new creations.

6. Road Trip

Pick a destination off the beaten path and explore it together. Poke around cool shops and stop in at country fruit stands along the way. Visit some wineries and make a day of it.

7. Have A DIY Party

Put your girls to work on some fun and unique projects for your wedding. Have them making signage or painting vases. Cheap labor and a good crafty time.

8. See A Musical

Head downtown and see a big Broadway-style musical or an off-beat production.  Pair this with a reservation at a chic restaurant and you have a plan!

9. Dinner And A Movie

Cheap and cheerful little date night with the girls.

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