Occasionally see a groom and groomsman who make a bold statement on their perfect wedding day. Groomsmen have worn velvet jackets or vibrant floral suits, making a spectacular statement that is ideally captured in wedding party photos. Throughout the years, we've found that most groomsmen want a fashionable, understated suit.


Throughout the past two decades, groomsmen's wedding clothes and formal dresses, in general, have gotten more modern, elegant, and approachable! Today's groomsmen control wedding day trends by wearing something that expresses their personality and makes them look great!




Simplicity Will Rule.


Simple is timeless. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our handsome groomsmen prefer simplicity over enormous, rich, noisy, and lavish weddings! Simplicity shines on wedding days. Groomsmen are eschewing the tux for elegant, lighter, and breezier clothes. A wedding portfolio will look amazing with guys in basic and stylish clothes.


Geometric Knits


Today's fashion is geometric knitwear. All brides, grooms, and groomsmen are choosing this fashion trend. Instead of traditional wedding wear, groomsmen will wear geometric knitwear and create a spectacular impression in both the fun wedding party shots and the groom's wedding images with his handsome guys! Geometric knitwear is useful as well as fashionable. If the couple is having a classic winter wedding, knitted jumpers in graphic designs and bold colours will be a wonderful groomsmen trend that gentlemen will adore wearing to stay warm and rock their wedding day groomsmen look!



Being bold is the new charisma.


The bold aesthetic will continue to trend flawlessly into 2023. This magnificent and seductive fashion trend is perfect for our handsome groomsmen who want to look heart-stopping on their wedding day. In this bold category, groomsmen will find attractive suits and dinner jackets with paisley and jacquard patterns. If you're more conservative than whimsical, you can ground a printed jacket with classic black evening trousers. This combination at a wedding will stun all the ladies. This combo is great for summer, spring, or fall weddings. Yet, velvet coats and tuxedos can achieve the perfect mix between dramatic and timeless for a winter wedding.


Earth tones and soft neutrals are 2023 groomsmen trends.

With so many wedding trends, outdoor wedding venues are becoming more popular as newly engaged couples choose open and expansive sites with infinite greenery to celebrate their wedding. In addition to numerous wedding photography chances for professional and budget wedding photographers at these venues, outdoor wedding ceremonies offer a lot of flexibility.


As outdoor weddings and celebrations become more fashionable, groomsmen's attire is changing. Groomsmen in 2023 are wearing deep browns and tans, off-white/bone, and olive green to suit a wedding theme, decor, and surroundings and make a statement on the perfect  wedding day! Groomsmen in 2023 are wearing earth tones and gentle neutrals.


Neutral groomsmen trends for 2023 weddings are rising, but the classic black tux will always be a classic. These types of men's apparel inspire groomsmen and grooms to go for the unorthodox and trendy soft neutral style on the wedding day while making a big and charming statement.



True Blue is Always Trendy

Like the black tuxedo, a stylish blue suit for a wedding is usually a good choice. A blue traditional tuxedo, whether worn by the groom or his groomsmen, always captivates the audience. If you're a groomsman who wants to wear a blue tux to a wedding, you'll have no trouble finding a suit that suits you since blue comes in so many tones, from navy to royal. Blue's softness and versatility make it a terrific alternative to black for a fall or winter wonderland wedding. In wedding images, guys in blue suits and tuxedos look stylish and flatter all skin tones. Go for this colour, gentlemen, and watch the ladies fall in love with you when you enter the wedding site!



Creating a trend with personal style is another option.


For all the lovely and seductive groomsmen who adore classic aesthetics, adding accessories to the costume can make it look more sophisticated and classy for the wedding day. Incorporating accessories into your groomsmen's wedding day appearance is a great way to add uniqueness! You'll look great in wedding party images no matter what you add. Whether you choose a floral boutonniere, a pocket square, or wacky cufflinks, there are many creative and stylish ways to dress up a standard tux or suit for a 2023 wedding.


Return of the Three-Piece in 2023


The three-piece outfit is now popular. In 2023, this timeless fashion trend returns. When it comes to stylish groomsmen apparel for 2023 weddings, the classic three-piece suit—jacket, trousers, and waistcoat—is elegant and sophisticated. A three-piece suit is great for a groom and his groomsmen who love traditional formal wear but want to keep things simple. That said, while a three-piece suit can gently conjure a sense of old-world charm, there are many versions on the market that absolutely feel new, modern, and constantly on trend, especially when done in dark, solid hues. It's perfect for summer and spring weddings!


Amazing Color Pops!

We'll tell you about 2023 groomsmen trends! In 2023, wedding trends are all about colour. Not only in floral design and wedding aesthetics, but also in men's fashion. Groom and his gorgeous groomsmen are wearing suits in medium to dark navy, deep green, and burgundy/purple hues. Well, some males enjoy these colours, while others choose to tone it down with blue or black slacks and let their blazer steal the show and hearts! The groomsmen's accessories and shoes are just as important as an excellent tux or suit for 2023 weddings.



Pocket square bouquet


Weddings shouldn't be only for brides and bridesmaids! Not only brides and their bridesmaids wear wedding accessories. Wedding accessories might be playful for our grooms and their attractive groomsmen. Like bridal accessories, groom and groomsmen wedding day accessories are available. Yes, the possibilities are restricted yet appealing. Boutonniere or pocket square? At the wedding, the groom and his gorgeous groomsmen can choose any option. The pocket square boutonniere is fresh, exciting, trendy, and appealing since it shifts the flower adornment from the lapel to the pocket. At once!





Our skilled and budget-friendly wedding photographers and we think everyone loves an enormous pattern (more on that to come!).


Miniature prints will shine in 2023! Groomsmen's apparel looks luxurious with these beautiful and stylish small motifs. As they'll be everywhere in 2023, this fashion trend is one of the most wearable for weddings. This men's fashion trend is appearing on jackets, ties, trousers, waistcoats, and more in 2023. To pull off this look, keep the rest of your clothing simple. For example, if you're wearing a microprint jacket to your 2023 summer wedding, match it with black pants and a waistcoat to rock the look!



For a Traditional 2023 Wedding, Groomsmen Choose a Sexy Tailored Fit!


Grooms and their groomsmen are wearing slim-fit suits in 2023. 2023 will be all about the classic and sensual tailored fit. Indeed, a snug yet comfortable fit that beautifully tapers slightly at the waist and ankle for a great gentlemen's look. The outcome is tidy, sharp, and a little retro. Girls will definitely flaunt their hearts on their sleeves with this groomsmen attire. Look to Mad Men's Don Draper for style ideas