It is not enough to rent the best tent from a company that specializes in renting tents; you also need to decorate the tent so that it appears attractive and provides your guests with something to talk about. Curious about how to spruce up a tent for an upcoming wedding? The following are some suggestions on how to go about doing it:

Turn the lights on.


The tent takes on a warm and inviting glow once the lights are turned on inside. The fact that you can light up your tent with a variety of different kinds of lights is an awesome feature. It's common to use fairy lights and string lights, but you can also use crystal chandeliers, hanging lanterns, Edison bulbs, net lights, and a wide variety of other types of lighting.

When choosing the lights for your perfect wedding day, you should make sure that their design and arrangement are consistent with your theme. Consider what season you are currently in London and pull inspiration into the tent, through colour, pictures or video.


Choose a tent with a variety of colours.

Tents of a single solid colour are what most people rent, but if you want your event to have a more festive atmosphere, choose a tent with multiple colours. When you go to rent a tent, ask for one that is neutral in colour but has a vibrant pop of colour in the form of buntings or swags. Always make sure to choose colours that contrast with one another if you want to create a beautiful look. There are wonderful tent rental companies in London, make sure to look at reviews and see what people are saying.

Use partial tents.


Are you planning on holding your event in a garden or another location that features beautiful scenery that you are excited for your guests to see? You might want to look into getting partial tents. These tents leave certain areas of the tent open to the outside, which not only provides your guests with a scenic setting but also lends your tent an interesting appearance.

In the event that bad weather strikes, make sure that you have panels stored in a location where they can be easily tied back to the tent.


Try something daring with balloons.

Whoever said that you needed to spend an arm and a leg in order to decorate your perfect wedding day  party tent was wrong. Balloons are an easy, inexpensive, and entertaining way to spruce up the look of your tent. All that is required of you is to blow up some helium balloons and float them to the top of the tent, where they will conceal the support beams and add some colourful flair at the same time.

In addition to letting the balloons float freely in the air, you can also tie them to the corners of the room, wrap them around pillars, or shape them into arches to ensure that colour is distributed evenly.

Rent tents made from different materials

In keeping with the concept of renting a tent with a variety of colours, you can also rent a tent that is constructed from a variety of fabrics, which will result in the creation of a variety of textures and will give your tent an interesting structure.


The various textures give your tent a luxurious appearance, make it simple to regulate the amount of light that enters the tent, and encourage the flow of breezes into the interior space of the tent.

If you are interested in renting this tent, you need to be patient and look for the one that best suits your needs. Because the vast majority of rental companies will not have it in stock, you should get ready to go to a few different stores before you find what you are looking for.

Put up some screens.

What do you think about putting some moving pictures inside your tent? You can put the large tent panels to good use by improvising movie screens with them and watching movies under the stars. Displaying photo slideshows or a moving light show can help attract people's attention to the screens.


Watch where you're walking at all times.

It is common practice for people to focus their attention on the top and sides of the tent, but they almost never consider the floor. This is a mistake because it causes people to miss out on a fantastic opportunity to decorate the tent. The use of outdoor rugs and portable dance floors is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to embellish the floor.

In addition to this, you can divide the space into aisles and other areas by using potted plants, straightforward floor decorations, and various other accents.

Don't lose sight of the outdoors.


It is not sufficient to merely decorate the interior; in order to finish off the appearance, you must also decorate the exterior. You can either fly flags on top of the tent or securely attach balloons to the top of the tent. Both of these options are great.