The smell and taste of food have a way of taking us right back to so many wonderful moments in our lives and the ability to bring people together even during some of the toughest times. Examples include sitting around the table enjoying a Sunday roast with the family, the smell of pie baking in the oven, and sharing treats on the lake with friends during a beautiful summer day. The majority of wedding couples in Scarborough, want to impress their guests with the food and beverages they serve on their wedding day, whether it be by making new memories with the people they love or by sharing the flavours and fragrances of their past.

We have listed 5 wedding catering trends that we anticipate seeing in 2023 in Scarborough to help our couples.


Late-Night Snacks

Evening meals are nothing new in the wedding industry; over time, couples have served food to their guests in the small hours of the night in an effort to keep the party going. Nevertheless, we anticipate that these late-night nibbles will be more individually suited to each couple. Evening food is evolving into a chance for couples to get creative with catering and showcase a little of themselves in their food selections, from hiring your favourite street food truck to setting up shop outside the venue to providing overseas specialties.  These can be a wonderful alternative to the typical dinner fare and can provide guests a glimpse into the culture of the bride and husband while giving them a chance to engage with chefs, observe their meal being prepared, and appreciate the theatricality involved in its production.

Theatrical food displays

Speaking of theatre, the theatrical food presentation or "show cooking" is our second wedding catering trend for 2023. Today's wedding couples place an increasing emphasis on the guest experience and want to give their loved ones lifelong memories, including food. This may mean employing aerial bartenders to serve beverages from above or hosting your wedding breakfast outside while your chef prepares the dish over an open fire in front of your guests. Creating a hibachi-style dinner for a smaller reception with the chef cutting and dicing at the table in front of your guests or allowing your guests to create their own sweets, such as ice cream sundaes or roasting marshmallows over a fire to make the ideal s'more, are other ideas. Being inventive with food opens up countless options, and we anticipate seeing this trend grow in Scarborough throughout the course of the year.

Alternative Wedding Cakes

Not everybody enjoys cake. A lot of couples have felt compelled to serve a cake during their wedding because it is customary.  The majority of couples are unaware that historically, between the time when the custom involved breaking a wheat or barley cake over the bride's head and the creation of today's exquisitely tiered, multi-flavor masterpieces, it was customary to make towers of spiced buns, scones, or cookies that the bride and groom would lean over to kiss (hopefully without knocking it over). The point is that customs alter and develop throughout time, and there is no requirement that a cake is served on your wedding day. Why not offer a variety of cookies, a doughnut wall, a pick-and-mix station, or even a cheese tower (a "cheesecake," if you will)

These wedding cake substitutes are growing in popularity as more and more couples customize their perfect wedding day and do away with customs that don't work for them. And we believe that in 2023, this trend will continue in Scarborough, with increasingly imaginative dessert displays serving as a major source of interest for many couples. Some people even combine the two by serving their guests a variety of their favorite desserts along with a tiny cake as a nod to tradition. And that is what we mean when we say we can have our cake and eat it, too!

Unique Food and Drink Pairings for Weddings

Wine and food matching has always been a thing, but what about cocktails and beer? Food and drink pairings are another area in which couples can get creative.  Displaying unique, inventive drinks (other than the standard his and her cocktails) has grown to be a great way to bring some personality to your wedding. Distinctive cocktails, mocktails, and artisan beer are on the rise. Why not serve your canapes along with little beverages like a taco and a margarita, a fried clam, and a bloody Mary, or a mini-burger and beer? You may also provide a dessert cocktail like an espresso martini, which will also make your visitors feel more energized before the party starts.


Ecological Catering

It's about time that sustainability is at the forefront of so many people's minds. It is extremely encouraging to see how many vendors and couples are choosing to put the environment first and commit to a greener future in the wedding industry, which is no exception. Sustainable catering is a significant way we will witness this mentality change in 2023. Couples like little waste, locally sourced meat, and fruit. The desire for plant-based cuisines has also increased.

While there are so many things to consider for your perfect wedding day, it is important to always remember that food, and the aesthetic of food will always be spoken about after the lights come down on your perfect wedding day. The number one wish for most couples is that their guests walk away feeling like they attended something truly magical.