It is so impressive to see how inventive couples have gotten with their wedding entertainment in recent years. Couples are expanding their live wedding entertainment options beyond the band and including less traditional artists like magicians, drag queens, mixologists, fire breathers, Celtic drummers, and more.

These are some of our favorite, original wedding entertainment suggestions that will wow your guests and make a lasting impression, regardless of their preferences.


1. Magician

Your wedding day can be made particularly special by hiring a magician. It's a wonderful chance to amuse your guests during cocktail hour, create a friendly atmosphere at the reception tables, and get some incredibly memorable photos! Its minimal setup and working space requirements make it a fantastically adaptable live wedding entertainment option.


2. Mixologist

A mixologist may not seem like a performer to you, but wait until you see them in action! Your personal tale can be incorporated into their custom creations, and they can also answer any questions your guests may have about the various flavor combinations while producing wholly unique concoctions, even employing visually beautiful techniques including fire and smoke. Naturally, the outcomes are wonderful as well.


3. Caricaturist

Your guests will definitely laugh at this one! A live caricaturist may instantly turn your cocktail event from a somber affair into a fun celebration. Also, a wedding caricaturist brings a special, interactive element to your reception; they are entertaining to watch, and your guests will leave with a memorable souvenir.


4. Drag artists


You need to look no further than a drag show to get a wedding celebration going like never before! Any guest at your wedding will be enthralled by the stunning live performance a Drag Queen will provide, which will be filled with glitz, sass, and everyone's favourite songs.


6. Live illustrations, painting, and drawing


Another approach to capturing the magic is to see an artist in person. Once the finished piece is put on your wall, you may cherish it forever. Having a live performer at your event will delight your guests entirely and leave you with a priceless memento.


7. Incognito Opera Singers


With skilled singers who blend into your reception, incognito singers provide a surprise factor and give your guests an exciting, live interactive experience. We've seen singing waiters, chefs, waitresses, wedding attendees, and even a disguised policeman break into song. Your visitors won't soon forget this surprise, one-of-a-kind act.


8. Celtic Drumming Collective


Looking for a wow-factor act to close out the night, something to keep your guests engaged during the band break, or something epic to get everyone on the dance floor before your band starts? Every gathering will be enhanced by the lively music and upbeat performance of a Celtic drumming ensemble, and foreign guests will be especially enthralled.


9. Acrobats, Fire Dancers & Burlesque Performers

Live wedding entertainment options include circus or carnival acts, fire dancers, stilt walkers, fire breathers, burlesque performers, and fire walkers. While burlesque performers, fire dancers, or fire-breathers are the ideal way to liven up the mood after dinner or at the end of the night, trapeze artists can act overhead throughout the drinks reception to elevate your wedding entertainment to new heights. These actions won't be quickly forgotten by your guests.


10. Fireworks


It is amazing to see couples exit in grand style with a display of fireworks! It's the ideal way to cap off your wedding with victory. Even if they aren't the most affordable live wedding entertainment choice, if you're thinking about them for your special day, they are definitely worth it. Nothing is more enchanted and majestic than a full-scale, expert pyrotechnic show to mark the couple's marriage. Your visitors will adore it as well! Cross your hopes and toes for clear skies and make sure your venue is okay with fireworks beforehand.