One of the big day challenges we are asked about the most is how to keep the kids entertained during your perfect wedding day. Many couples who are planning weddings with young children on the guest list worry that the children will be overly bored, drive their parents crazy, or worse, create chaos elsewhere. When kids are invited, the key to a stress-free reception for both the parents and the couple is to be ready and offer lots of family-friendly entertainment. A joyful group of kids will make life so much easier, so we've come up with a list of 12 Ways to Entertain Kids during Your Perfect Wedding Day!


1. Outdoor Activities


Why not provide classic outdoor activities in excellent weather if your wedding will be held at a location with a garden or suitable outdoor space? They can pass the time with engaging lawn games.


2. Reception entertainment for a rainy day


Why don’t you put up an area full of board games or jigsaw puzzles if the weather isn't cooperating or if you decide to have an autumn or winter wedding when the daylight hours are limited? Vintage favourites like Hungry Hippos, Monopoly, Operation, and Guess Who will keep the youngsters occupied and promote socialization, especially for the more reserved ones. The older children on the guest list will love this as well.


3. Engage in arts and crafts

Kids enjoy creating things, so a small space with crayon pots and craft materials like playdough, pipe cleaners, and stickers will be a hit. Little hands would have hours of entertainment crafting wedding-themed crafts like decorating a cake, designing a wedding gown, creating cards for the bride and groom, or even constructing DIY masks for a photo booth.


4. Kids Table


If there are several children of the same age present, sit them all together to make it more enjoyable for them and let them enjoy dinner on their own. Put up a special menu just for kids, add some games and entertainment, and think about hiring a babysitter or minder to keep an eye on things.


5. Table Games

This is fantastic for enjoying a freebie. For the youngsters, make an I Spy or scavenger hunt list and place it on the table. A typical list would include things like someone wearing a funny hat, a tasty snack, something blue, and a printer so that they can record and take pictures of their discovery.


6. Use professional entertainment and entertainers from Canada


If the budget permits, you can think about hiring some skilled children's performers like magicians, clowns, or balloon artists.


7. A theatre room


Provide a calm space for a movie to keep kids pleased. Add cozy beanbags, kid-sized seats, pillows, and cushions, then turn on a movie. You might even give away small bags of popcorn. As the kids can change into their pajamas before settling in, this is also a terrific idea for winding down time later in the evening before putting them to bed. Use a projector if there isn't a TV room to provide even more novelty.


8. Trained Babysitters


The kids can be looked after by babysitters or a professional during the wedding. Before and after your wedding dinner, they watch and amuse the kids in a designated location at or near the celebration. Knowing the kids are well cared for and having fun can help you and your guests unwind and enjoy the perfect wedding day reception .


9. Pick up a Piñata!

Piñatas are a fantastic way to get kids and adults of all ages involved. Children and adults can enjoy hitting and collecting the results.


10. A photo booth for kids


Stock up on a tonne of dress-up accessories and photo props for your photo booth. Even better, set up a separate photo booth just for children. Add accessories such as silly hats, tutus, feather boas, and the perennially fashionable mustache on a stick.


11. Children's Dancing Time


Why not utilize the dance floor while the grownups are still listening to lengthy speeches and indulging in dessert? Get some kid-friendly pop music playing early if it's in a different location so that young guests may burn off extra energy before bedtime. Designate a disco room for the kids if the dance floor is in the reception area. All you need is a speaker and a Spotify playlist. Add a few balloons to make it feel more like a celebration!


12. Customized Goodie Bags


Give each of your little guests a goody bag filled with treats that are appropriate for their age. Place them at the reception's place settings for each youngster. They don't have to be extremely expensive.