So how can you lower the average price of your wedding cake while still getting the style you want? Here are some recommendations:

Be cautious with the sugar flowers


The majority of bakeries and cake decorators base their prices on how much effort is involved in creating the cake design. The drama you're looking for will undoubtedly be provided by intricate patterns, but they will also increase the expense. If you want to save money on your wedding cake, you can get the same result by keeping the design simple.  Consider asking your baker to alter an elaborate or challenging wedding cake design if you have your heart set on it to help keep costs down. For instance, using a single, big statement flower as the centerpiece might have a significant effect. Rather, request a few larger blooms like hydrangeas or calla lilies, which are less expensive options to tiny, labor-intensive bouquets. They cost less because they require less labour and effort.


Use a kitchen cake

You could have felt the need to go all out and present a six-tier cake at the reception if your guest list is in the hundreds. However, keep in mind that each tier takes more time and raises the cost per individual. The budget will benefit greatly if you reduce the number of layers if you're trying to save money. The best thing to do is to present a scaled-down version of your preferred cake design and use that for the cutting. Your caterer will have cakes in the hidden kitchen with all the same tastes, which can be presented in addition to the main cake. The cost savings are especially noticeable when there are more than 150 guests attending the event.

Substitute buttercream for fondant


Because fondant is more malleable and gives an incredibly smooth, exquisite finish, most bakeries used it in the past. Nonetheless, it might frequently cost more per slice than buttercream ($0.75–$1.00). Thankfully, that's not the case anymore. The most talented bakers have discovered ways to use buttercream so you can maintain that wonderfully polished appearance. Also, most people concur that buttercream tastes far better than fondant (and you have more flavour possibilities), so in addition to saving money for your perfect wedding day, your visitors will also enjoy a nicer cake. A win-win situation!


Offer smaller servings

Your guests may have already enjoyed the cocktail hour, first course, second course, and entrée at your perfect wedding day reception by the time the cake-cutting takes place. Also, you might have another dessert on a dish waiting for them at their seat. In other words, nobody at your wedding is going hungry. By offering quantities that are half or a third the size of the average, you can reduce costs. Several visitors won't even realize the change, and they'll still enjoy the flavours of the wedding cake you laboured over for them.

Accessorize it


When you learn how many ways there are to decorate a plain white store-bought wedding cake, you might find yourself rushing to purchase one. You can make a plain white cake look much more expensive than it is by adding real or fake/dried flowers (like lavender) or foliage. Imagine wearing your favourite pair of jeans with a flashy shirt and shoes! A sophisticated garden or estate wedding venue, as well as a rustic barn wedding, would also be ideal locations for this.


When choosing your wedding cake, bear these tips in mind as well:

  • Avoid strange forms while designing your wedding cake. Your greatest options are likely to be square and round.
  • Red velvet and carrot cakes are often more expensive than vanilla and chocolate ones. Just keep in mind that it can cost you more if you use additional ingredients.
  • Gold leafing and other expensive design elements can exceed your financial limits. When you meet for your design session, be sure to discuss the factors that affect the price of your cake.
  • Groom's cakes are wonderful, if you're on a tight budget, you can go without them. If you and your group are having trouble deciding, think about mixing flavors (for example, one tier could be chocolate raspberry and the other vanilla lemon).
  • Dessert buffets can be expensive. These pastries, cupcakes, cookies, pies, doughnuts, and cake pops can cost more than $10 per person!
  • You must consider more than simply the price of your perfect wedding day cake. The price of cake stands, cake toppers, and serving utensils will also be included in the delivery fee. Ask any wedding cake bakers you visit what their fee is as some also charge for the cake tasting, which can cost up to $50.
  • Do your research. There are many amazing bakers and designers . Use Instagram to see who is being followed and post interesting designs and ideas.