Whether it is pre-made or custom, we believe that selecting your wedding cake should be a lovely experience. Wedding cakes come in a variety of sizes, flavours, and contents, and they can be decorated in a variety of ways. It seems to sense that picking a wedding cake style could feel as intimidating as picking a suit or outfit.

Here are some tips to help you choose your perfect wedding day cake :


1. Give design careful consideration

Instead of choosing your cake first, style your wedding first. Although you may believe you have a firm grasp on the type of wedding gown and design aesthetic you want to apply to your perfect  wedding day festivities, you shouldn't be too set in your ways until you've actually tried the gown on. When trying on wedding dresses, so many individuals decide they don't like the style. Choose your wedding cake once you have decided on the dress and the location . In this manner, you will have complete clarity regarding the type of wedding cake that will complement your great event.


2. Take plenty of time

Depending on how sophisticated the cake design is, most wedding cakes are elaborate works of art that must be ordered several weeks or even months in advance. Don't wait until the last minute to place your perfect wedding day cake order. You'll only be let down in the end.

3. Create a budget


Cakes for weddings are expensive. For the wedding cake you're happy with, do some research and set a suitable budget. You might want to think about serving your wedding cake as dessert at the wedding breakfast if the money is tight. By missing a catering course, you will be able to save money. With the money you save on desserts, you can increase the budget for your wedding cake and make it an amazing showpiece.


4. Locate a cake maker

It's crucial to choose the proper wedding cake maker. Even if someone comes highly recommended, always check over their prior creations before hiring them to bake your cake. The majority of wedding cake bakers will have their own specialties, which might range from more conventional to unconventional creations. Do your homework and request a consultation from your favourite baker so you may view samples of earlier cakes they have created. A talented cake artist will be able to advise you on a special design that will complement your perfect wedding day.


5. Choose YOUR preferred flavours

Don't let family members or friends persuade you to select the cake flavours they prefer rather than the ones you prefer. Because it is YOUR wedding, your cake should showcase your beauty.


6. A Tasting


When choosing the flavours for your perfect wedding day cake, always sample them first, especially if you haven't worked with this cake baker before. Your wedding cake should taste as delicious as it looks.

7. Think about allergens

For those with dietary restrictions, you might want to think about making a small additional cake or one layer. If you have chosen to serve your wedding cake as the dessert course, this is extremely crucial.


8. Use a swatch to check for colour coordination

To ensure that your wedding cake is perfectly suited when you meet with your cake designer, don't forget to bring some samples of ribbons, embellishments, etc. as well as pictures of the dress and the venue.


9. Finish strong with a unique touch.

For your wedding cake, you should give great thought to the topper. It should symbolize you and your partner because it is the wedding cake's icing on the cake.


10. Match the cake to your guest list

If you simply want a small, personal wedding, avoid the error of purchasing a large wedding cake. It will simply be tossed away in the end. The size of your wedding cake should correspond to the number of attendees. Consider reserving the top tier for an anniversary party or a christening cake as another option.


11. Choose icing based on the weather.

Remember to select icing for your perfect wedding day cake that is appropriate for the weather. If you are being married in the height of the summer on a Greek beach, your favourite chocolate butter icing won't last very long on the cake.


12. Have a solid delivery strategy.

Many skilled wedding cake makers provide delivery and setup services (which are quite frankly worth the money and save you the stress). If you are picking up your own wedding cake, make sure you have the proper packaging or boxes to transport the cake in and that you get assistance with assembling the layers.