We've got you covered, whether you've been picturing your wedding dress for your perfect wedding day since you were six years old and know every sequin in it or you haven't given it a second thought.

Finding your ideal dress can be difficult and intimidating. Colors including white, off-white, ivory, bone, champagne, oyster, blush, lace, silk, and tulle are available. Chances are you've never worn one before. A-line, fit and flare, princess, and sheath, not to mention the fact that this dress is possibly the most expensive item of clothing you will ever purchase, it may also feel like a completely new language. These days, many brides are also considering different outfits, such as a more formal dress for the ceremony and a party dress for the reception, which makes wedding dress buying a little more challenging. Canada has a wide variety of options that you should certainly consider.


Carry out research

Get wedding magazines, tear the pages out, and Google like you've never Googled before. While looking for the right dress , there is no such thing as too much study. Create a board on Pinterest (thank us later),  walk down the wedding dress rabbit hole, and you'll come out oh-so-informed and ready to make appointments at bridal boutiques. What standout features does your collection have? Are they primarily made of lace? fitted and flared? Are they poofy, sparkling, and Barbie-like? Your style may have been narrowed down at this point.

Establish a budget

Even though they are so crucial, budgets can occasionally be awkward to discuss. Before trying on "the one," talk about who will pay for the dress—you, your family, or your partner—and come to an agreement on the price. It can prevent a great deal of needless suffering. Future adjustments shouldn't be overlooked because they can be expensive. This group includes accessories like jewellery and shoes as well. Make an informed decision about your budget right away by using the expertise of your wedding planner or a nearby bridal shop.


Make your first appointment


Don't be scared to visit multiple bridal boutiques .  If anything strikes your eye, you can stay close to home or travel the nation. Call ahead and make a reservation; many shops don't accept walk-ins since they need time to set up, gather dresses, and have super-organized brides trying on dresses in the fitting rooms.

If the first shop doesn't suit you, visit others; bring your (small) group. But be ready to try on a lot of dresses because your ideal dress is out there waiting for you to find her.


Have an open mind

The task that bridal dress advisors conduct with stunning brides on a daily basis is their actual line of work. A lot of times, brides will come prepared with a list of things they want to try on, only to discover that the style may not be the best one for them. If you take their counsel, you might end up accepting the dress!


Shop early and in your size.


Even if you intend to lose weight before the wedding, get your dress now so that it fits. A few weeks before their wedding, every bride needs adjustments. It's far simpler to alter a wedding dress that fits properly than it is to work with one that is a bit snug. In order to minimize any delivery delays, buy your dress early. Since many garments are imported from outside, the present pandemic situation may make the wait considerably longer than usual. The majority of bridal boutiques advise making purchases at least six months in advance.

Internet shopping

If you enjoy doing your shopping online, you should consider doing the same when buying your wedding dress! But, before clicking "Purchase Now," it can be a good idea to know what silhouette and shape suits your body shape. You are not required to schedule an appointment at a wedding shop. The ability to order wedding dresses online has advanced significantly, and some stores even provide bespoke measurements. Yet, we would caution you against making impulsive purchases online. Over the years, we have heard a lot of terrifying tales! Canada has some very unique designers to select from, just be certain to do your research.


How do you feel dressed in it?

You're wearing this all day, so you need to be able to move around freely and comfortably. Sit on a chair, go up and down the pretend "aisle," etc. Picture the things you'll be doing on your perfect wedding day.


If you feel pressured, leave.

First and foremost, this is your dress; don't choose one just because your mother likes it, your sister thinks it's the perfect option, or the boutique consultant is offering a special "buy today" discount. Toss off the guidelines; if you want a body-hugging, sensual little piece, go for it. It's your perfect wedding day, so you should feel completely at ease with your choice. If you have any reservations, leave and give it some thought. It's the one for you if you can't quit thinking about it (and it suits your budget).



Give yourself lots of time to make changes. All brides need changes to their gowns, no matter how big or small. At least four weeks prior to the big day, you should schedule an appointment with a competent seamstress to start the procedure. If you bought your dress from a wedding shop, they will be able to provide you advice on changes and appointment scheduling, either in-house or through their preferred alterations vendor.

There is nothing worse than a bride tripping over her gown all day, so bring your shoes to your appointments so they can determine the proper length. Have a bustle added so you may take a break from carrying that heavy train all day; it will come in handy for the first dance.


Finally, unwind and give up looking.

Stop shopping now that you've found your ideal dress; continuing to browse through clothes will drive you mad. Yours is excellent! Just anticipate displaying everything to everyone on your perfect wedding day.