The flowers, which will have a distinctively new appearance in the bouquets and centrepieces when compared to the weddings held in previous years, are sure to be the big stars of the show.

What kinds of wedding trends can we expect in 2023?

This year is going to be all about keeping things as simple as possible while keeping an extremely close eye on the environment. Both the bouquets and the floral table arrangements will be scaled down to a more manageable size.

The world of weddings is currently undergoing a period of significant change, and as a result, you should get ready to see flowers everywhere for the next few years. In 2023, they will be featured prominently as the primary design element in wedding bouquets, cakes, and even bridal gowns.

The newlyweds of the new year will be focusing their attention on the environment, specifically on the development of environmentally responsible wedding practices. Both fresh and seasonal flowers, as well as dried flowers, will be considered for the arrangement.


Which flowers are going to be all the rage ?

Buttercups, which have flowering that is bright and brilliant, are among the trendy flowers that are found in the first places. They are ideal for giving light to your special day because of their flowering. Ideal for a sophisticated yet uncomplicated atmosphere.

Then there are the wallflowers, which are typically used as ornamental flowers and have a flowering period that extends from May all the way through August as well as a very potent scent. As a result of the vivid hues that they feature, you can use them to lend an air of witticism to the arrangements that you have created.

After that comes the muscari, which can continue to bloom until June, making them an excellent choice for the first weddings of the year. They make lovely contrasts with daffodils and tulips, which can be combined with them in arrangements. This is another one of their many strengths; they complement other types of flowers very well, creating a stunning chromatic effect.

If you like a little extravagance, privet berries are certainly very suitable for a unique and particular touch. Playing with similar nuances in darker shades is another recommendation for the bouquet the bride will carry on their perfect wedding day.

Finally, we come across the wax flowers, which have a pastel colour palette and flowers that are so delicate that they appear to be miniature works of art. If you enjoy a dash of pink and a strong scent, these elements will create a truly one-of-a-kind ambiance for you to enjoy.

Weddings in 2023 will undoubtedly be very solemn, but they won't be boring because of that. The modern aesthetic places a premium on furnishings that have a strong connection to nature and are designed with an eye towards environmental responsibility.


We will see colours ranging from white, a colour that will never go out of style, to ones that are much more intense, which will be the protagonists in more creatively decorated spaces. One of the details that will not be overlooked is the perfume, and in order to create it, we will be using flowers that have both strong and subtle scents.


The personalities of the couple who will eventually wed will be reflected in the flowers, so there should be room for spontaneity and airiness while never losing sight of authenticity.