The following is a rundown of the most popular floral trends that we can expect to see in 2023.

Getting the best blooms for your perfect wedding day is extremely important, and this includes everything from bouquets and buttonholes to table centerpieces and floral aisle style. In the same way that picking out the dress of your dreams can help set the mood, tone, and style of your wedding, the flowers that you choose for your bridal bouquet can do the same thing. Therefore, whatever it is that you want to convey on the day of your wedding, why not do it in a manner that is fantastically flower-style and flair-filled?

The following are the top five wedding flower trends that you should keep an eye out for in 2023: It is a display of fantastic florals that will make you want to definitely say "I do" to it, and it is blooming brilliant!


Wedding Colors That Are Vibrant And Striking

In the past, subdued pastel tones have been the focus of attention at weddings, but the year 2023 will see the continuation of the emergence of bright, brilliant, and bold blooms. After the upheaval of the past few years, engaged couples are rediscovering the value of their uniqueness and injecting some playfulness into their wedding flower arrangements. Why not, indeed! There will be an increase in the number of colour combinations that are to die for, including contrasting strong and bold colour palettes, as well as a mixing and matching of different shades and textures. In 2023, the bride who isn't afraid to take risks will have a rainbow of options available to her. We simply cannot wait! What a way to add colour to your perfect wedding day.

Immense Texture

As a florist, texture is one of my favourite things, so the fact that this floral trend will be coming into play more in 2023 is beyond exciting for me! In floral arrangements, texture is achieved by using a variety of flower types, foliage that contrasts with one another, and movement that is subtle. This helps to create something unique and captivating. We are seeing an increase in requests for more striking combinations of foliage and flowers that are oh-so-beautifully unique. This is likely due to the fact that there is less pressure in 2023 to adhere to traditional wedding styles and an exciting, edgier vibe is emerging.


Floral structures

In the year 2023, floral flamboyance will undoubtedly be a major trend. We will see more playful décor and way over the top flower installations coming from couples who have a great eye for making a striking style statement – think floral backdrops, flower clouds, flower chandeliers, and a lot of other flower-themed décor options! Not only are large installations entertaining, but the photos you take of them come out looking amazing. To get the most out of the installation and maximize its value, move it around throughout the wedding. Move it to the wedding reception to use as a focal point behind your table, or even to the entrance of your venue to welcome guests in serious style. Use it at the ceremony to frame you as you say, "I do!" and then move it again to the reception to use as a focal point behind your table. It's possible that weddings came to a halt in 2020, but by 2023, they'll be back and better than ever, filled to the brim with abundant blooms and creative floral ideas. The year 2023 is definitely the year to go crazy with flowers and add some "wow" factor to your bridal blooms at your perfect wedding day.

Fun with Pressed Flowers


Following closely on the heels of the trend of dried flowers, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to see the rise of pressed flower décor becoming more fashionable in the year 2023. Flowers that have been pressed preserve their beauty while also being kind to the environment, oh-so-romantic, and full of wonderful, delicate details. You can add some floral flair to your wedding in a way that is totally on trend by using pressed blooms in wedding invitations, place cards, or seating plans. This is a fabulous way to add some floral flair to your wedding.

Elegant Bouquets That Fall Downward


This is a developing trend and abroad that we are really excited about! Even though it brings back memories of the 1980s, the cascading bouquet is currently making a comeback, and we couldn't be more thrilled about it! Cascading bouquets are big, bold, and literally dropping to the floor with lush trailing vines and colourful ribbons in 2023. This theme follows the maxim "more is definitely more," which states that more is always better. The use of colour gradient cascades is another prominent trend for these bountiful bouquets. These cascades are ideal for directing attention to the bride while simultaneously producing a jaw-dropping floral display that your guests will adore. There is a stylish cascading bouquet available to match your wedding theme, no matter what it may be. These iconic asymmetrical designs are the ideal way to add some excitement to the floral arrangements at your perfect wedding day!