One method to guarantee that your guests have a ball at your perfect wedding day is through your wedding entertainment. It can be yet another method to give the occasion a uniquely personal touch. After all, your wedding is a celebration! You want to throw an epic party that none of your guests will quickly forget. Hiring a wedding DJ can be a great choice whether your objective is to get guests dancing or simply have some great music accompany the event.

Instead of awkward silences between songs, as there would be with a live band, a DJ can play the real recordings that your visitors enjoy and crossfade them. Whatever DJ you choose to work with will mostly rely on the type of music you want to play and what your guests will enjoy. There are several DJs who can give you a dance party if you want one. Also, there are DJs who will create a playlist specifically for you based on your preferences. Here are some suggestions for selecting a wedding DJ .


1. Be aware of where and what to look for

The most popular choice is to get a DJ whose main line of work is weddings. These wedding DJs are familiar with all aspects of wedding receptions and may even excel at making announcements. Do the standard web searches and seek recommendations from other sellers to locate one of them. If having amazing dance music is your main priority, you can think about hiring a local club DJ. Even though these DJs can have lower prices, they might not have prior wedding expertise. You might start by asking at neighbourhood clubs to discover one.

If you really want to go all out with the music, you might be able to find a club DJ with a lot of wedding experience or a wedding DJ who is known for playing amazing music. They may be the best solutions, but keep in mind that they might be expensive. This type of professional wedding DJ is likely well-known in your community.


2. Request to hear some of the wedding DJ's prior work

Once you've identified one or two DJs who appear ideal for your event, request to see samples of their previous work. It might be a mixtape, a live performance video, or a sample playlist. The more you should hear and observe before employing, the more essential the music's quality is to you.


3. Provide your playlist and "don't play" list to the DJ

If you already have a playlist in mind, talk to the DJs about it and make sure they're willing to play it. To prevent any unwanted shocks, you might also want to compile and publish a "do not play" list.

4. Find out how they energize the crowd


Make sure to inquire about their methods for engaging a crowd if you want their DJ to play a significant role in making your reception enjoyable. Some crucial inquiries to make are:

If people aren't willing to dance, how can the DJ convince them to do so?

Will they accommodate guests' requests? Will the DJ announce events and serve as an emcee as well?


5. Get a Contract


Get a contract, as you should with any vendor . Don't work with a person who won't give you one!


6. You can DIY, but you might need assistance


Of course, having music and even a dance party doesn't require a professional DJ! As the reception starts, you can set up the sound system and have your playlist prepared. Just keep in mind to crossfade the songs to prevent music breaks. Also, you should assign someone else to keep an eye on the music, just in case. In addition to handling any problems that may arise, this individual can deter intrusive visitors (not that you'll have any of those).


You'll be able to dance nonstop knowing that the music is being protected by someone you can trust.

You will want to remember however that this is your perfect wedding day and you certainly don’t want any issues with the music that day. Make sure to have someone check the soundsystem and playlists, should you go this route in order to avoid any mishaps that could have otherwise been mitigated prior to any issues arising.