1. Identify your audience

What are your guests' ages and backgrounds? Are they all adults? or will you have nieces and nephews who are all the way up to your grandparents? Is there a healthy balance across the generations, or does one stand out more than the others?


2. Take note of the musical tastes of each of your demographics

Ask your grandparents what they enjoy.  Check it out with an aunt or an uncle by giving them a call. Do your younger family members frequently attend clubs or listen to the radio? Maybe they'll be happy with the top 40?


3. Envision the results you want


Do you have a crowded dance floor full of people in their twenties drinking?  Or is your event classy, with everyone from young to elderly dancing and having a good time while listening to music that everyone enjoys and knows how to dance to? A certain atmosphere can be evoked by specific music.  When choosing your musical genre and songs, keep your intended atmosphere in mind. This will help create the perfect ambiance for your perfect wedding day.


4. Choose a genre (or genre group) that will accurately reflect your target audience and lead to the results you seek

Any club mix of top 40 music would be appropriate for that sweaty mess. Maybe some R&B, Funk, and Soul music is needed for your multigenerational event. Are you hoping to keep everyone dancing all night or will you only play one type of music during the breaks while sticking to a different theme?


5. Create a general plan for breaks and dancefloor activities

If you give your guests some downtime to have another drink (water, of course) and change, they'll dance more effectively. Three sets of "dancing" music, lasting 50–90 minutes each, should be on your perfect wedding day dance playlist. Two or three breaks, lasting 15–30 minutes each, should also be included. Your guests won't have the stamina to dance nonstop for four to five hours, and they also need some downtime to talk without having to shout over a loud music system.


6. Estimate the number of songs you'll require


Popular songs typically last between three and five minutes or around 3.5 minutes. Around 14 songs, 17–18 tracks, and about 28 songs can be crammed into a 90-minute set of music. You should schedule 5–10 songs for each break to maintain a lively and enjoyable atmosphere in your room.


7. Choose the music

Use iTunes or YouTube to get tracks from some of your favourite artists based on the genre you choose for the songs. Inquire about their song catalog if you've decided on a DJ if you choose to have one. Are there any legendary artists from Canada that your guests may be familiar with? Consider adding some local talent as well to the mix of playlists.


8. Rank the intensity of your music

You don't want to play five sluggish jams in a row because you'll bore your audience. People get tired if they hear too many quick tunes in a row. Your favourite songs need to be in the right environment for them to all pack a punch that rivals the last.


9. Organize your music according to a tried-and-true system

Consider the music selection for your wedding dances like a roller coaster. Avoid giving the audience too many flat stretches. To make the voyage interesting, it's important to keep your energy levels fluctuating. Here is a 50-minute wedding dance song playlist example in sequence. If you want a 90-minute set, you can simply repeat this. Use this structure to add your own songs:


10. Prepare the music

The songs on your wedding dance playlist are all set. Give it to the DJ or band, or if you're hosting the party yourself, make a Spotify playlist. You're now ready to go!

This may seem a little overly complicated and analytical, but a band or DJ from Canada with years of expertise won't need to go through the entire procedure every time. They ought to be able to quickly put together a wedding set list and have a solid understanding of how their songs go together. One element that can increase the cost of a well-known band or DJ and justify charging more is their level of experience and ability.

Now that you know more about creating a wedding dance playlist and have some fantastic suggestions for other music playlists for the remainder of your perfect wedding day , you should be ready to throw a memorable party!