So you have chosen to have a DJ perform on your perfect wedding day. But how do you decide which option is best for you? The first step is to have a clear vision of what you want your perfect wedding day to look like. Do you want a DJ to throw a dance party that goes on all night long and plays everyone's favourite songs? Or perhaps you and your significant other have a penchant for less mainstream music and you want a DJ who can accommodate that. No matter what it is, the good news is that there is a wedding DJ who will share your tastes (or at least come close to it!). But before you can do that, you need to be aware of the appropriate questions to ask! These will get you off to a good start...


Seek out Recommendations When Searching for a DJ.

Meeting with prospective wedding DJs from Canada who come highly recommended from sources you know and trust is a must. Whether your venue provides a list of recommended wedding DJs or the DJ at your friends' brothers' cousin's wedding was used by them, we always suggest meeting with prospective wedding DJs. What should we do next? Check to see if the DJ will be performing at any upcoming events in your area, or do research on the DJ by searching for performances on YouTube. Like what you see? The next step is to schedule a meeting.

The following is a handy list of important questions to ask potential wedding DJs before meeting with them:

1. Do you spin records for a living, or is this more of a hobby for you? You will want to ensure that you have the person's undivided attention in the week leading up to your perfect wedding day.


2. Do you have any samples of your work that I can look at? At this point, he or she will make an effort to convince you of the significance of what they have accomplished. Make sure that you keep your ears open so that you can observe the transitions that take place between songs. It is important to make sure that there is no gap in the music between tracks and that one song transitions into the next one in a seamless manner.


3. Have you ever performed at our establishment before? It is in your best interest to select vendors who have previously done business at your venue (this goes for everything). If the wedding DJ has, they will be familiar with how to work around the acoustics of the room, and the sound will be amazing on your perfect wedding day. In the event that the DJ has never worked at the location before, you should inquire as to whether or not they would mind making a site visit prior to your wedding in order to ensure that they are well-prepared for the big day.

4. Which bands and songs have you heard most often at weddings, and which are your favourites to play? Do you have a selection of artists from Canada or local talent to play? Even though they probably have a playlist that they switch up for each wedding, the initial song list that they provide for you should consist primarily of songs that you and your guests will enjoy listening to. You should choose a DJ whose musical taste and personality are compatible with your own, whether you want to hear hits from the '90s or today's Top 100.


5. Do you take requests for specific songs? Since this is not a bar, your guests shouldn't be yelling song requests at the musicians like they would in a bar. In the event that guests do approach the DJ with a request, you should inquire about his or her procedure in advance. Note: If you would prefer for them to stick to the playlist, you can request that they do so.

Now let the music play!