Your wedding had certain moments that your guests won't soon forget. the one that's on everybody's mind? the food! In the era of Instagram, everyone is fascinated with food. With all the drama and anticipation around what's on your plate, it's understandable why couples feel compelled to stray from the traditional chicken dinner on their perfect wedding day. It has to look fantastic and it has to taste good.

These are our top hottest 10 catering trends for your wedding.



Color is a key component of the overall aesthetic of your perfect wedding day, regardless of what time of year you are getting married in Toronto. Why not incorporate your catering meal into the mix because your bridal party's attire, flowers, and linens are all planned to coordinate and enhance one another? The top catering companies in Toronto will have fantastic, original ideas for incorporating your colour scheme and theme into your meal, whether it be the cake, cocktails, or canapés.




Interactive food stations set up around your reception or nighttime event, where attendees can customize their meals, are one of our favourite emerging concepts. A buffet with chefs at each station offering food pairing suggestions for visitors' delight, a pizza station where guests may choose their own toppings or an ice cream stand where customers can mix flavours and toppings to make the dessert of their dreams are just a few examples.



Having a DIY bar at your wedding is another fantastic method to encourage interaction among your guests. It may be a prosecco display with fruit purees and liqueurs to combine with, or it could be a gin and tonic section with a variety of gins, tonics, and garnishes. To impress your visitors, choose stunning bottles, glittering glasses, and decorations made of vibrant seasonal fruit.



The importance of high-quality ingredients cannot be overstated, and as more and more organic produce becomes available, entire menus are being created around organic treats. And more things are being treated organically than just food!  Provide your guests with a flavour experience they'll be talking about for months by stocking your bar with the newest organic wines, gins, ales, and vodkas.



More and more couples are bringing this luxury to their perfect wedding day. High-end restaurants are renowned for their tasting menus, which highlight the best of what they have to offer. Depending on your budget, a tasting menu may include wine pairings for each of the five or seven mini meals that are served to your guests. It can take a lot of time, so if you're expecting an all-night rave on the dance floor, this option might not be for you. However, it's a terrific opportunity to demonstrate your gastronomic credentials. This can be perfect for you if you're looking for a more elegant occasion!



Bringing two families together is one of the nicest aspects of a perfect wedding day. A family-style supper will strengthen your relationship even further. Imagine charcuterie and cheese or seafood platters as an appetizer; perfectly roasted meat joints with all the fixings as the main course; and gateaux, cheesecakes, trifles, or sampler boards of all your favourite puddings as the dessert.  Sharing plates has several benefits. You won't need centerpieces because your food platters will serve as them, and family-style dining will encourage interaction among your guests as they share food with one another.



If you and your fiancé enjoy traveling, why not include some of the delicious foods you've had around the world in the event catering? A great technique to start conversations and give your guests a night they won't soon forget is to introduce them to your favourite flavours. Perhaps you found a fantastic spice on your most recent trip to the Middle East or a magnificent cheese in France that pairs superbly with some crusty bread and a drink of port.



Several couples are choosing lighter meals and snacks during the celebration rather than a large sit-down dinner with four courses. Choosing seasonal treats rather than a formal dining experience might save frugal couples a lot of money. Toronto has an abundance of seasonal options to consider. Lighter menu alternatives may encourage guests to dance more because they won't feel as full from the heavy fare.



You've probably already had some discussions about what to serve the kids if there will be any at your wedding. There's more to kids' eating than sugar and chicken nuggets, though they'll undoubtedly start with the candy bar or sweet cart. Move away from the deep-fried, beige options in favour of fresh fruit and vegetables, pots of dips, spaghetti, and fresh fruit milkshakes because children's preferences are evolving and many are being exposed to more refined flavours from a young age. Kids of all ages will love healthy finger food, and parents can unwind knowing that their children aren't stuffing themselves with unhealthy foods.



What do we all want after a few beers and some time spent dancing? Snacks! More and more couples are providing late-night snacks and comfort food to appease their visitors' appetites. Choose your favourite late-night food, set it up close to the dancefloor, and keep your party fueled till the very end. Options include sophisticated cheese boards with crackers and port, pizza vans, and burgers.

With so many amazing vendors to choose from in Toronto, you will be able to provide memorable options to fuel your guests throughout the course of your perfect wedding day. Think like a guest, and how hungry you may be at different times of the celebration. When you think like a guest, you are able to structure a food plan that will satisfy and delight.