Do you want to reduce expenses on the invites for your perfect wedding day? No matter the venue you select, a perfect wedding day is expensive to arrange and host. The expense of preparing the ideal wedding will be incurred regardless of how limited your budget may be, and it could pile up rapidly. Sadly, after the big day, the majority of your inexpensive wedding invitations will be thrown out. Your friends and other family members won't want one, even if you and the rest of your family decide to preserve it and utilize it as a piece of art.

Discover how to reduce the cost of your wedding invites by utilizing the creative suggestions in this blog.  From the cheapest postage to the smallest invites, we'll show you how to cut costs on your wedding invitations .


Here are our top 11 suggestions for cutting costs when making your own wedding invitations .


1. Go digital to take it to the next level

The most economical option for your wedding invitations is to go digital. In addition to the printing and delivery fees, a conventional wedding invitation frequently includes a number of different components, including an envelope, an insert, and numerous other things. Stick to digital and offset printing rather than more pricey techniques like letterpress or engraving.

, more couples these days choose to send their wedding invitations digitally rather than printing them out. In addition to being less expensive, digital invites also make it easier for guests to RSVP with only a few mouse clicks! You can select a lovely template that goes with the theme of your wedding, personalize it, and email it to your guests with only a few mouse clicks.


2. Double-check your content for errors

When placing a purchase, make sure the invitation's language, fonts, and colours are all correct. Remember that any typos or inaccuracies in the details of your perfect wedding day may require additional fees for printing new invites.

During proofreading, issues like grammatical mistakes or misspelled words are found and all pertinent information is included. The last thing you want is any grammatical or typographical errors on your wedding invites. You should carefully proofread your work to avoid errors like these.

Please confirm:

  • Every spelling, including your name!
  • Address of the wedding & reception
  • Street address
  • Website
  • City & province
  • Date & time

3. Create a wedding website


Even if you don't go all digital for your wedding invites, you can still save money. A great option for communicating with your guests is to use a wedding website for your perfect wedding day .


Your mail-in wedding invitation suite will be less expensive to print and send out if there are fewer extras included. You can save money by setting up a wedding website with all the necessary details, which will also save your printing and shipping expenses.


You might post it on your website and only include the most important details, such as the wedding date, and location, rather than including all of the wedding-related information on the invitation.


4. Send a Single Invitation to the Whole Family

Another way to reduce the cost of wedding invitations is to keep track of how many you are sending out and to bear in mind that not every attendee needs a special invitation. Couples, families, and anyone who brings a friend can all receive a single invitation, saving you money.


5. Place 10% Extra Invitation Orders

You might forget to invite someone who is very significant to you at first. Although it may seem costly and time-consuming to order a few more invitations, doing so will end up saving you money.

You could also need to mail one again if the postal office misplaced it. Instead of placing a smaller order later, ordering more things with your original purchase will be more practical and economical.

6. Create Your Own Invitations


Saving money by making your own version of a design you like is a smart idea. Create your own invitation by utilizing the design concept. Go to a stationery store and experiment with the concept there as well (along with your own card stock). The business may personalize wedding invitations for you.


7. Print Your Invitation at Home

With a basic inkjet or laser printer, you can easily print your DIY wedding invitations at home. All you need to do is make sure you have enough ink!


8. Simplicity Equals Saving Money

You spend more money when you try to use your envelope creatively. You might be surprised to learn that square envelopes cost more to transport than rectangular ones. Contrarily, the square ones require manual stamping and cannot be delivered via postal service. Use a simple, standard-sized envelope to save money.

Wedding guests are more curious about the contents of the envelope than the outside. The envelope will likely be thrown away by guests after they open it. In light of this, you could wish to select an envelope that is simple yet fashionable. You will be able to put the money you save towards other components of the event. Use one of your hues as eyeliner.