It can be difficult to choose the ideal colour for your invitation design. It can be challenging to choose your favourite colour because there are so many to choose from ! We've included some advice on how to choose the ideal ink hues for your design. Here are Some suggestions for choosing the ideal shade:


Choose the ideal wedding colours

Always look at your wedding colour scheme while choosing the ink colours for your stationery designs. Your wedding's colour scheme, or palette, consists of three to five carefully chosen hues.

Choose a range of hues that you want to use throughout your perfect wedding day to create your colour palette.

Here are a few motives to get you started:

Your wedding gown's hue


, colors like white, ivory, cream, silver, or gold may be included in this. We advise using this hue as the model for your paper tone, which will establish the overall mood of your stationery.


Color of the groom's suit

Black, blue, taupe, brown, charcoal, and grey could all be examples of this. This is frequently a terrific place to start when creating your invitation design because the darker suit hue is frequently ideal for your invitation text colour.


Colors from your wedding or venue decor

It can be good to choose one or two colours that are distinctive to your wedding venue, especially if it is in a unique setting. Your wedding theme will frequently be influenced by your venue . Choose hues that complement the setting as well as your wedding's style (vintage, modern, or classic).


Your bridesmaids' dresses' colour

The colour can be light, dark, or anything in between, depending on the theme of your perfect wedding day! This might be a terrific colour to repeat somewhere in your wedding stationery, regardless of the shade you select, to bring your perfect wedding day together.


Your Bouquet's colours

Especially if it includes a certain flower or colour, your bouquet can frequently serve as the perfect source of inspiration for your invitations. For instance, why not incorporate dusty pink roses into your invitation design if you are having them in your bouquet?

Choose hues that work well with your design

You can use this as a starting point for your stationery ink colours now that you've chosen a number of colours for your palette. Just pair your preferred hues with our letterpress house inks. If you are having trouble finding the ideal match, we advise using a complementary ink colour that has a comparable tone and hue. You can ask for a bespoke ink shade if you have your heart set on a specific colour, and we'll blend the ideal shade to match.

The next step is to decide on whatever colours you wish to use for your stationery. You might use one, two, or three distinct colours in your invitations. As a general guideline , it is best to use an ink colour for your text that contrasts on the page and is therefore simpler to read. Dark to mid-toned hues is ideal for this. We advise selecting a light illustration colour if the artwork in your design will be overprinted by text (overlapping) so that it doesn't compete with your text. This will guarantee that your writing is still readable.

Think about enhancing the colour and vibrancy of your design on the envelope or envelope liner. To further tie in with the colours of your perfect wedding day, you can include a coloured envelope or liner in one of your shades.