It's not necessary to have a perfect, greener wedding.  Even minor changes can have a significant impact on living more sustainably. Let's start off today by talking about wedding invitations and how you may choose sustainable ones for your perfect wedding day.

Typically, wedding invitations are not produced responsibly . They may be delivered a great distance, are printed with harmful inks on single-use paper, and are frequently thrown away by guests shortly after your perfect wedding day.

Ultimately, there are more environmentally friendly ways to create wedding invitations for your perfect wedding day . Even if you insist on sending paper invitations, there are steps you can take to reduce the waste you generate. Here are some ideas for making eco-friendly wedding invites and saving the environment:

Get Local

Instead of buying anything from a big firm that ships from far or abroad, check out nearby little companies . You are more likely to locate someone who isn't printing and shipping your invitations from across the country (or the world!) if there is a local, independently-owned stationery store.

Use recycled paper

The best environmentally responsible option to create printed invites is to buy your own and print them at home because less travel is required. Alternatively, you can locate a business that prints on recycled paper.


Look for a green business

This is what you should look for when considering an eco-friendly company :


Naturally sourced materials:

Numerous companies produce entirely biodegradable and compostable items. Several of the cards and invites come with plantable flower seeds and are produced from sustainable materials like cotton and sugar cane.

Eco-friendly ink:


Petroleum-based ink is more damaging to the environment and emits more volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can harm the liver and the kidneys in people. Instead, choose companies that make use of water-, soy-, or vegetable-based inks.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:


Plastic-free packaging is widely available from numerous brands . Verify again that they package your item in reused, fully recyclable, or biodegradable m

Deliver digital invitations or save-the-dates

Don't use paper! You'll be saving a lot of paper from the invitations to the envelopes to the stamps whether you only send an email save the dates or go completely digital with your invitation communications. Also, you'll be lessening the carbon footprint of shipping and landfill waste from visitors who neglect to recycle. Saving the environment is not tacky at all.

Inform your visitors that you're making an effort to maintain sustainability, and request that they answer electronically as well.


Skip the response cards

Provide guests with a digital RSVP option so they may respond without having to send you a second card, an extra envelope, and a stamp. Guests can RSVP via email, phone, text, or on your wedding website for your perfect wedding day.


Build a wedding website

Your wedding website can be used to provide details with your guests that would typically be on a details card in addition to gathering RSVPs. This can contain directions, hotel reservations, your registry, a map of the neighborhood with suggested activities, weekend plans, and the schedules for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. You'll save some extra paper this way.