There is a good reason why summer weddings are such a popular choice . The summer months definitely provide a wealth of gorgeous possibilities for your big day, from fantastic weather and brilliant hues to fresh, in-season meals and florals.

Your wedding invites will help establish the mood as you plan your perfect wedding day, whether you're having a garden party, a party on the water, or you're traveling to a tropical location. There are many additional possibilities to take into consideration, but summer is often associated with vivid, sun-kissed colours. Your invites can become even more romantic by using textured paper, and adding a gilded pattern will give them an air of sophistication. The key to communicating the essential information your friends and family will need to know is to create an invitation that fits the mood of your special day.

Look at our summer wedding invitation ideas :


Display a Location

When a picture of the site of your ceremony is front and centre in a bespoke drawing, the mood for your summer wedding is likely to be set. You can evoke a coastal atmosphere with these designs, as well as the charming nautical accents.


Put some warmth and greenery in there

A tropical-inspired pattern will help you convey a summery feeling. Even if your perfect wedding day isn't taking place in a tropical locale, you can still create the atmosphere and establish the mood with an invitation that is filled with plenty of flora appropriate for warm weather.


Put a pastel portrait

Bold colours aren't the only thing to wear in the summer. If you'd prefer, you can definitely choose pastels in their place! Make you and your spouse the centre of attention with a charming illustration and a gentle, romantic colour scheme with a bit of texture.


Follow a Pattern

There may be a fabric or design that represents the location if you're having a destination wedding.


Use Your Natural Beauty

There is a lot of natural beauty everywhere throughout the summer. Create a straightforward doodle to honour the bounty of the season. We adore the ethereal-meets-organic aesthetic of this invitation series, which combines a variety of fonts with neutral colours and organic drawings.


Invoke the tropics

Do you believe the only colours that can express a tropical vibe are bright, hot pinks and greens? Reconsider your position. In order to communicate the crucial information for a destination wedding in the tropics, this invitation suite used a palette of calm blues with a burst of gold.


Simplicity is best


It's certainly acceptable to make your invitation design straightforward, and this is true even in the summer. As the foundation for all of your paper items, pick a beautiful piece of paper in a lovely colour. Think of using a tiny logo or monogram to make the design uniquely yours.

Choose a Vibrant Monogram

Your monogram may be such a wonderful finishing touch for your invitation set. For summer, one couple opted to forgo the traditional single-hued monogram in favour of a striking colour scheme. This design created the mood for a stylish garden wedding nicely with its gorgeous colours and flower accents.


Put in a Touch of Boho

This contemporary-boho style was ideal for a destination wedding in Tulum. This invitation package certainly didn't lack detail, from the packing list to the tropical foliage embossed on the paper.


Use romantic textures

Tuscany's summer wedding season unquestionably screams for a touch of romance. For a sophisticated appearance, this design included calligraphed lettering, gilded accents, and textured paper edges.


Consider neutrals


Using a colour scheme that is inspired by the desert to celebrate a summer wedding? For your invitations, consider using muted colours and imaginative patterns. This invitation set was beautifully created to look like the terrain of a desert wedding venue.

Make It Moody

Moody hues for a summer party? Of course! Setting the mood for an outdoor wedding with floral images combined with jewel tones and black-penned illustrations is really lovely.


Choose green

Always go with a stunning emerald green, especially if you're having a traditional country club wedding This invitation set included all the necessary information in a straightforward layout, with a striking green serving as the ideal flash of colour.


Choose a Colorful Palette

There is no doubt that you and your partner may experience a lot of sunshine, water, and vibrant colours at a summer wedding. A lively design with adorable seashore accents might help you capture that vigor.


Impressive Watercolor

A lakefront wedding on a gorgeous summer day is undoubtedly a suitable occasion to use watercolours. This gorgeous suite included a painting of a lakeside scene along with a portrait of the couple as a special touch.


Funnel it out

Showcase your enthusiasm for whimsical elements if you and your partner want to make your perfect wedding day a day filled with vivacious joy! Using smart images in a lively colour scheme, this adorable invitation can showcase your  party's venue and activities.


Choose polished and chic

An elegant invitation is required for a summer wedding in the countryside, and this particular design is delivered. We adore the blend of calligraphed letters, navy colours, and lovely drawings.


Put a floral envelope on display

The hand-drawn venue illustration and the handwritten calligraphy are just two examples of the amazing attention to detail in this design. What, nevertheless, actually distinguishes this summer wedding invitation? For a truly unique touch, the couple decided to send it with vibrant blooms on the inside of the envelope.


Continually Classic

Maintain a traditional look with lots of golden details. This invitation set welcomed visitors to a formal wedding in the summer . A picture of gold blooms and gold accents combined to create a gorgeous design.