Even if you're planning everything yourself for your wedding, you might still need some assistance on the big day to make sure everything turns out the way you envisioned it. Searching for a day-of coordinator in Ontario can help manage the day and ensure that your plans are carried out without a hassle, so you can concentrate on having fun and unwinding instead. Here are some top tips and considerations as to  what you should consider when deciding on the hiring of a day-of coordinator for your perfect wedding day:

1. To ensure that the day goes off without a hitch numerous wedding planners provide a choice of wedding planning packages, which may include full service planning, "day-of" services, and even "month-of" wedding planning choices. A day-of coordinator, as opposed to a full-service wedding planner, is ideal for couples who want to do a substantial portion of the planning themselves, but need someone to assist on the actual day of the wedding.

2. In order for you to enjoy the day takes a lot of time, so having the guidance of a wedding planner can help some couples feel more at ease during the planning stage for their perfect wedding day. In this way, you will not only maintain control over the planning process, but you will also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the plans will be put into action on the day in question.

3. To assist in the setting up of, and to interact with, vendors the day-of coordinator is in charge of overseeing the rehearsals, making sure that everything runs in accordance with the timeline, and coordinating the sequence of events that will actually occur on the wedding day. They are able to double check all of the details and contracts, and they also act as a liaison between you, your vendors, and your wedding party.


4. In order to assist with the making of preparations and plans despite the fact that you have hired the coordinator for the day, you are still required to meet with them in advance in order to discuss the specifics, responsibilities, and their agreement. As the coordinator executes plans based on the preparations made by the couple, it is also anticipated that a substantial portion of the planning will have already been completed in advance.

It is important to remember that there are many moving parts to any wedding day. Many couples who take on a large p[art of their planning feel afterwards that there were elements of their day that were missed , or that energy wasn't placed into. You are making a huge commitment both with time and money, so it is important to consider taking someone on who will help you execute all the details for your perfect wedding day.

Do your research online! There are so many amazing coordinators in Ontario and many local coordinators that have followings and are constantly updating their platforms. You will also gain valuable information by using search tools and getting word of mouth recommendations. Many venues also have a list of their preferred coordinators that they trust in Ontario, and who have proven to be amazing vendors for many of their couples.